Patzer Opening Tourney, I

Apr 26, 2009, 2:23 AM |

I've been learning one opening, studying its strengths and weaknesses and it goes by several names, the Patzer Opening, the Wayward Queen Attack, Parham Attack and the Danvers Attack.  To further study this opening I asked a friend of mine here at who goes by the name Sweagen to challenge my use of this opening.  Now, Sweagen has won every time we've played so the chances of me winning are low, so the opening is not to blame rather my chess skills which need improving and is the whole point of studying one opening and this friendly little tournament.  I usually don't post my losses and there are plenty but there are some important lessons to be learned here.  Some of the few who do read my blogs might be thinking, "Yes, and the lesson is don't use this opening."  I disagree and so would some GMs like Hans Ree.  The lessons are basic:

1.  Always consider the whole board before moving.

2.  Always ask yourself are any of my pieces under threat.

3.  Always ask yourself is there any pieces my opponent has unprotected.

Those are universal but for me I realized another lesson:

4.  Learn how to use your bishop.

These first three lessons are no brainers but I guess I destroyed too many brain cells playing cap tourneys and beer pong in college because they needed to be reinforced.  My opponent was surprised at how powerful this opening can be and it holds many surprises.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.  To see other games where I trounced the opposition with this same opening just take a look at my blogs.  To Sweagen, all I can say is your kung fu is better and it would be interesting to read your annotations on this tournament.