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Patzer Opening

Apr 23, 2009, 7:27 PM 6

After losing a couple of games and missing totally blatant hits and traps I went back to the Patzer Opening.  It devasted my opponent.  Now this may seem like a no duh, but in the game of chess the one gets checkmate wins.  So get there fast and no other opening is as fast.  There are alot of advantages to this opening; 1.) it's simple, which is what my skill level is at (I'm a noob by all accounts)  2.) it is the quickest way to get checkmate 3.) it can be totally devasting if you don't know how to play against it  4.)  it's very easy to see if a person knows how to defend against it, in which case I'll switch tactics  5.)  your opponent will vastly underestimate you and think that's all you know.   Now, it was Zoran Lazetich who told me to practice one opening over and over.  I don't know if he had this opening in mind, but if Nakamura can use and several GMs can recommend it, it's good enough for me.  Anyways, I was dealing blow after blow with this opening but my opponent in trying to teach me a lesson rather than play it out like a man decided to not move for the last 4+ minutes in the game.  WEAK!   Now, I wasn't mad that this happened I still got the points but I really considered this move to disrespect the game of chess and to ones self as a chess player.  Man up.

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