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Pawn Checkmate

Jun 8, 2009, 7:32 PM 1

There are certain checkmates that I want to get under my belt.  I've done the Smother Mate but I've been trying to get a Pawn Mate.  Of course it helps when your opponent helps you out and a good chess player will take advantage of any mistakes.  In this game I got to checkmate with a pawn.  What really allowed this to happen was a weak attack by black on the center.  I understand that he was trying to attack the center with his bishops but to me that always seems like such a slow way to develop.  A pawn can immediately take control of the center and back up is close by, whereas his sniper tactic takes two moves.  Anyways, my opponent tried to go sniper but my pawns had already advanced past the 4th rank and into his territory.  My opponent trying to regain control of the center lost sight of what was important and made several blunders allowing for a Pawn Checkmate.  While playing my opponent was ranked 1099 but the rank changed for some reason.????  Can't wait to get checkmate with a pawn against a better player.  This is a quick game.  Enjoy.

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