Wayward Queen Attack 112810 and Poor Sportsmanship.

Nov 28, 2010, 12:29 PM |

In this my opponent lost to the Wayward Queen Attack.  He was not a happy camper.  I've noticed that when an opponent loses to this opening in particular they become irrate!  In general I will always offer a gg whether I win or lose.  My opinion of saying gg to your opponent is that it is a sign of respect.  It is not necessarily a comment on their chess skills which is how my opponent took it.  Either way, for those who read my chess blog, this game was another study of the Wayward Queen Attack.  The ending was swift and I've included our repartee.

I was thinking about this opening the other day when a player who is much, much better than me said, "Black calls the shots."  There's some truth to this and white often has to react to black.  Not so much with the Wayward Queen Attack.  It's swift and brutal if black responds wrong.  I talked to one player who was ranked at over 1900 FIDE and while he thought it was a weak opening but he paused when I mentioned that with this opening black becomes so busy trying to attack my queen that it doesn't attack my king.  Interesting.

Anway, here's the game.  Comments are appreciated.  I guess I could have reported this guy but I'll just post the game and our lovely conversation.  Enjoy.


Wesso: gg

alhori: fk you for gg

Wesso: lol

alhori:  put the gg in your mother asssssssssssss

Wesso:  wow you speak English very well

alhori:  poor sportsmanship

Wesso: yeah, who cussed out the other player?

Wesso:  I meant the gg.

Wesso:  You took it the wrong way.

alhori:  next time respect your opponent

alhori: asssssssssshole

 Wesso:I did.

Wesso:I still have not cussed at you

Wesso:even though you do that to me

Wesso:I'm still the better player and apparently the better man.