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Lately, I have been seeing players who feel like they are owed a rematch especially after losing.  I am of the mind that nothing is owed.  If the winner wants to play again, then fine.  If not, maybe they didn't find their opponent challenging, maybe pizza came to the door ... whatever, then nothing is owed.  What do you think, are rematches mandatory?


  • 3 years ago


    I also like best 2 out of 3 but if someone is being rude or feels that I owe them a game, then forget it.  I'll move on.

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    I believe in giving a player a rematch. Sometimes we make mistakes and dont play to the best of our abilities the first time. I like to play best 2 out of three with an opponent. If they beat me once, it could be luck, but if they win again, then they can argue that they are better. I think one game is not indicutive of how much better or worse an opponent is. 

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    I prefer games be twice. It means when I lose I will request rematch and when I win I will accept remacthes. But in any case I don't have any mandatory idea for my opponent.

    THx 4 ur notes.

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