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Sodium Attack 050309

May 3, 2009, 11:42 AM 4
I've been studying the Wayward Queen Attack and although statistically it is very weak, close to 30% win, I think it's because those that use it are generally hoping for Scholar's Mate or Mate in 5.  When those don't work out they're at a loss on how to develop.  That is something I'm really studying.  However, this time I thought I would study something new so I went to the Game Explorer and Chess Openings here at chess.com to see what the strongest opening for white is and I was shocked to read that the best opening move for white is Na3.  When white opens with Na3, the chemical symbol for sodium, white has a 60% chance of winning!  Is this because Na3 is such a strong move or because most people don't know how to react to that opening?  So I've been testing it out.  In this game my opponent is slightly ranked higher which is perfect for a little challenge. I thought I'd post this game for people to see the Sodium Attack since it's so rarely played.

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