Stats 051409

May 14, 2009, 10:15 PM |

Quick:  873, this is going to stay there for awhile I have to put too much thought into my moves and time always gets me.  That's off 3 games I think.

Blitz:  1133, big improvement over Quick by 260 points!  I've been thinking about playing these again but I'm going to wait till I beat my 9 game winning streak.

Long: 1300, yeah baby.  167 pts better than Blitz, 427 better than quick.  Longer is better.  Porfirio Rubirosa ain't got nothin' on me.  hahaaa  ...

1426:  Tactics Trainer.  Man, that thing REALLY works.  I can recognize some situations immediately which is definitely helping me improve.  My high is 1550.

I've also blown out of the water a 100 win over loss.

All within 4 months.  So at this rate I'll be 1700 by September.  Hope I don't plateau.  If anyone can recommend a great book for learning chess, please drop me a note.  Thx.