Tactics Trainer Late Night Info-merical!

Apr 1, 2009, 1:15 PM |

Are you tired of gettin sand kicked in your face because you suck at chess?  Do you want to impress that girl in class?  "Hey, baby check it out I got his queen.  hehehehe."  Then my friend it's time to try chess.com's Tactics Trainer!!  Just listen to this testimonial!

Without a doubt the Tactics Trainer (TT) has been an invaluable tool and I'm seeing a big improvement in how I play!  I'm now winning games against opponents that a week ago I wouldn't have had a chance at.  Before my games only lasted mere minutes before I was spent.  Now my games are lasting longer than ever!  Thanks Tactics Trainer you saved my marriage!

Do you want to see your ranking get bigger and bigger?  Well, now you can!  Let's listen to a satisfied customer!

Before an evenly ranked player gave me a run for my money now I'm noticing that I can compete with players that are 100 to 200 points higher!  While I haven't seen a huge jump in my rank as it's only been two days of seriously using it, there is no doubt that my chess game is improving and I really suggest that people try it.  I'm recognizing possible mistakes and avoiding them, building networks better, recognizing false starts, getting girl's numbers with ease ... just improving on several fronts and all within two days.  Tactics Trainer has really got me pumped at the gains I'm seeing!

End the frustration!  See big gains!  End the embarassment!  Just listen to this!

I tried that Chess Tactics in a can; Just Spray and Learn.  Yeah, right.  I even bought the Chess Crown and Fischer's Brain-Monkeys nothing worked.  Until I tried the Tactics Trainer at Chess.com.  At first the TT frustrated me because I wasn't sure what the program was asking me and to some degree that still happens.  However, after playing it becomes easier and more intuitive. It trains you to notice the best move or tactic in 1000s of situations that definitely transfer over to Live Chess playing.  I also suggest using it as a warm up tool so that you aren't entering into games cold.  Those are the biggest advantages I've noticed.

Don't wait another minute.  The Tactics Trainer is just a click away.  Be the next Fischer!  Beat Deep Blue!

Well I wanted to post a blog about the benefits of the TT but I was sounding like a lame late night info-mercial so I figured what the hell and went all out.  Hope it made you laugh but really give the TT a try it's an invaluable tool.  :)