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Wayward Queen Attack 050509

May 5, 2009, 11:23 PM 4

This game held some very interesting variations.  Despite this and my opponent playing very strong, I've tested this opening so much that I've accounted for many of the positions that occur even when a new move comes my way.  I'm really developing this and bucking convention that 2. Qh5 is a bad move.  I've said this before, statistically this move is weak but I think that is because for the most part those that use it are hoping for Scholar's Mate, which opens a very bad line of moves for white against stronger players, or Mate in 5.  When those don't occur, they're at a loss on how to develop.  2. Qh5 is the strongest move.  I mean, why shoot bullets when you got an atomic bomb?   2. Oh5 is an atomic bomb for black.  I'm really curious to see what lines it opens up.  Gotta love innovation.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.   Thx.

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