Wayward Queen Attack 122410

Dec 24, 2010, 3:08 PM |

Oh, the Wayward Queen Attack.  As I've said before playing this opening makes people really underestimate you AND really pisses them off.  Now, I don't play this to piss off my opponents.  I play it because I'm relatively new to chess and I'm studying it.  I had a GM tell study one opening until you've mastered it.  I can tell you that doing so, is invaluable.  Back to my opponent, I've included our repartee during this game.  The barckets are my thoughts posted while writing this blog.  Merry Christmas.  ;)


pleaseresignnow: lame move dude  (Comment made after move 2. Qh5)

Wesso: blow me  (I'm a nice guy but I'm not going to take it someone being rude to me.)

pleaseresignnow:  fukkkn amature

pleaseresignnow:  u sukkk bad

pleaseresignnow:  lousy fukkkn player

pleaseresignnow:  sloppy dikhead 

Wesso:  lol  (Chess is also a psychological game so I decide to fuel my opponent's anger and hopefully blind him.)

pleaseresignnow:  litttle cunnnt  (The tactic works and I snag his queen.

Wesso:  lol  (More fuel.)

pleaseresignnow:  u still are a lousy player  (Hey, I'll be the first to agree with that but I've just rammed my fist in his face, metaphorically speaking of course.)

pleaseresignnow:  old bald man  (???  This comment will make me call my therapist ... oh wait, I don't have one!  lol)

Wesso:  gg  (I'm pretty much grabbing my opponent's face and rubbing it into the ground.   Sooo, satisfying.)

pleaseresignnow:  now you can eat yuour mommas pussssy  (Ignored.)

Wesso:  merry christmas (Further degradation for my opponent's behavior.)