2nd BEST Comeback

Why and how did this guy let me win? I mean he had the game totally secure by leading a full rook and a couple of pawns. Here's the game link--> click here


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    you had quite a lot to say there, it sort of makes sense LOL

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    I think that Eli was trying to simplify with his advantage. He could afford to sac his knight for the pawn because it opened up your king and he was still way ahead. He saw your passed pawn as your final threat and wanted to not only trade queens, but get rid of that pawn. Notice that white should still win this game at that point with three passed pawns and an advantage on the exchange in material. When he gave you the b pawn on move 30 was his first major mistake. It gave you another passed pawn which white had to stop. White still had a winning position there because he could sac his bishop for your pawn and your bishop would be powerless to stop all three pawns from promoting. At the very least it would have been a draw. His only major mistake was 40 Kf2 because he should have broken the pin between his bishop and king by using move 40 to move to a white square with his king. Once the bishop was off of the queening square, black had an obviously winning position. The cause of white's blunder may have been time pressure, too much focus on fundamentals without consulting the position of the board, or too much complacancy on white's part. Either way, just be glad that you won. The reason that I only resign when there's absolutely no hope for survival or stalemate is precisely for that reason: you never know what will happen on the board.

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