Blue Diamond

Mar 13, 2009, 11:57 PM |

Hallowed be the voice that flutters on the wind, whistling past a cavernous coal mine where the caged bird sings

Grain by grain we shift through narrow glass

Distracted from the moment by the knowledge it shall pass


Anticipation breeds desperation for an absent, ever fateful knock


Yellow buttercups whisper eternal hilltop bristle

While mighty oak stretches fingers through soil and around rock

Strip mine disguised by mother’s persevering thistle

Hides her treasure deep within a wheathered shroud of soot and dust

Her comfort touch imbued eternally with intrinsic trust


Ruins lay upon their deathly bed

Where once a crumbled memory stood

Harkening to the elder query,

If a tree falls in a lonely wood…


Evaporating dew drops rise from sweetly scented blades of grass, rendering it almost possible to ignore the neighbor’s cell phone rings


Churning blue waves, rolling green hills, rugged brown mountains, glaring white icy arctic shelf


She turns not for any other than herself

Bejeweled by beauty and blessed with might

Like the stars above

      She shines both day and night


Blue Diamond