Fun Games and then Rybka shows up

Jul 23, 2011, 6:24 PM |

What is going on with this site?  You take a few hours to get into a really good game, you think and think to get up a pawn or win a key square, and then your opponent, who has been playing solidly and in a way that makes sense to a human mind, reels off 15 moves in a row that are right out of Rybka 4.  He happily leaves a piece en pris or walks into what appears to be a fork that drops a piece, but then, BANG, a six move combination not only saves the piece, but leaves him with a won position (he steps out of the fork with a tempo gaining queen and rook play that is a seven move mate threat, etc.). 


My question is, do these people not realize that we can check the game ourselves with the metal beast to find that for the last 12 moves of the game, their rating is a cool 3225?  It boggles the mind, and it leaves me thinking I should just quit from the site.  Too bad, because I was enjoying it.