Thinking about coming out of retirement to play in the U2200 section in the 2013 World Open

Feb 21, 2013, 4:54 PM |

    It's been years since I last played in a USCF-rated tourney.  After my last USCF-rated tourney in September 2008, I was too focused on getting through school and getting myself on a good, stable career path to even think about entering another USCF-rated tourney while I was in college.  

     But now that I am on a good, stable career path and doing well in school, if I get a job that pays well enough and save up enough money  I might be able to go since it is being held in Washington DC this year (which is about a 2-hour drive for me).  I have traveled to DC for chess tournies numerous times in the past.  But none of tournies were the World Open.  If I do go, I will probably play in the 3-Day tourney (the one where you play 5 games on Friday night which merges with the rest of the players in whatever section you're playing in who are playing in either the 5-Day/7-Day section) since that's how I did well in the U2000 section in the 2005 World Open (which was held in Phildelphia, PA if I recall correctly).

     If I play in the World Open, I will not be surprised if I do badly (since it has been years since I played in an USCF-rated tourney).  But I haven't been to DC in years and I haven't been out of the state of Virginia in a while.  So let's just wait and see what happens in the next few months or so.