The emergence of chess.

The emergence of chess.


The emergence of chess.

In the mid-twentieth century, it was suggested that the game of chess may originate in China, and recently voices have again started to place  the origin of the game of chess there or in Uzbekistan. 

Some people thinks that chess comes out China.

What we know well is that in the 6th century after Cristus in India a game is play  on a plate with 64 fields.

The pieces were arranged like the chess pieces in modern chess.

The name chess comes out the Persian word shah, that means king.

Also the name mat comes out the persian ( maata ), that means be amazed.

The oldest recognizable version of chess probably dates from the sixth century Lucknow on East Persia, now in North India, and is know as Chaturanga, but there are indications that this game is based on an even older variant for four people each were on one side of the board.


Different versions of chaturanga spread eastward to Cina and Japan, and in the form of Shatranj, westward to the Arab world to eventually push across Europe trough Italy ans Spain during the 11th century.

The Vikings probably played a important role here, since the oldest European finds of chess pieces are along the coasts.

Hole Europe

Around 1100 the game of chess had penetrated almost all of Europe.

Until the 19th century, in a match ( duel ), the first move was made alternately: white started the first game, black the second and so on. 

The current form of the game of chess originated in France at the end of the 15th century, when the queen entered the world with the current powerful possibilities.

To bloom.

Chess sport really flourished in the 18th century, especially in England and France, later also in Germany and - especially - Russia.

The current form of the game of chess, with a queen and two bishops replacing the fers ( general ) and all-fill ( elephant ), got the game of chess at the end from the 15th century in France.

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