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Checkmating with 2 bishops.

Checkmating with 2 bishops.

Apr 4, 2017, 2:54 AM 0
There are a few ways to checkmate a lone king with your king and two bishops. I will show a method that is algorithmic and can be done every time.  Note that this will ensure that you can do it in practical play while under pressure without drawing the game with stalemate (the lone king having no legal moves but is not in check or 50 move (game without progression of a pawn move or capture for 50 moves) rule.  
Note that if your rating is under 1400 this may come off as too advanced for you. 
Note the mating pattern. Visualize moves in these puzzles before moving pieces. 
Now you know you can mate the lone king with just your king and 2 bishops from this position. Practice this with board at different angles (naturally possible as board is symmetrical 8x8)
Note that you may need to do a waiting move first if you are a half move off. 
Once you have the 2 bishops limiting black's king to only two squares you maneuver your king into position and do the aforementioned checkmate you are already familiar with.
To get black's king to the side of the board you initially make a net with your bishops and slowly advance the bishops without ever making a hole in the net for black's king to slip away. You keep your king near your bishops as they advance up 1 square at a time.
sample position of the net getting smaller.

Full examples
Here black puts up some resistance with his king so you do a slightly different move order.




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