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Discovered Attack and Discovered Check

Discovered Attack and Discovered Check

May 7, 2017, 8:47 PM 0

In intro to tactics I lightly introduced the concept of discovered attacks and discovered check. There I noted they were a type of double attack.  

Here I am covering them in more detail because if you or your opponent misses one it can often decide the game instantly. As a reminder, a discovered attack is the action of moving a piece to attack another piece while simultaneously opening up a rank, file or diagonal to a piece of yours that is now attacking a second piece.  

For example here black moves his bishop with check, while opening up the c file for his queen which is now attacking the white queen. As the queen is now in danger, white loses his queen after he moves his king out of check.  

Solve the following puzzles to help you spot discovered threats in your own games.



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