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Scholar's Mate

Scholar's Mate

Apr 5, 2017, 2:20 AM 0
Scholar's Mate is the term for a four move checkmate sequence that takes advantage of the intrinsic weakness of the f2 square at the start of a chess game. It's best to be familiar with this combination so you can defend against it if your opponent attempts to use it against you.
It's good to use it yourself if you are a new player as it's a good way to expose yourself to some new tactics for fast improvement. 
First find the checkmate. Visualize piece moves in your head and only drag to move a piece once you see the solution.
Try it from a few other situations. 
Below is how you would get to the position in some examples of practical play.
Practice doing Scholar's Mate in these games.
Some related situations.
Defending against Scholar's Mate 
Another defense against Scholar's Mate



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