Being made fun of

Nov 24, 2010, 8:16 PM |

I really hate being made fun of, especially at this time of the year, Thanksgiving.

It's a big wonder why doesn't do anything to control these trolls. Blocking members would not be needed at all if no-one was being like this, but it always happens.

Do me a favor and leave me alone. This applies to about 10-plus members whose names are available upon request.

I would like the staff to at least tell them to stop, because it's contrary to's statement " is a friendly community."

It's a bad example to new members and new members may be deterred from joining.

I don't want to lose forum access here because of these trolls. I really don't. The purpose of my forum presence is to discuss chess and answer help and support questions. It is NOT to block people. Unfortunately this has become an issue is turning a deaf ear to.