Live Chess Bugs

Jun 15, 2009, 10:23 PM |

This post addresses the many bugs in Live Chess (Bug reporting is unreliable).

1.The "Hidden Pieces" bug

This bug occurs when a piece is moved onto a square (capture or not) and disappears. Any piece moved onto that square disappears and is imovable.

Once I was a queen for a rook up and then played Qxa3... and my queen disappeared, and I lost that game.

2.The non-sliding pieces bug

This bug occurs very often. Your pieces can't be moved by dragging them with your cursor. You have to click the moved piece and click the destination square. This is very slow and inconvenient.

3.The most-hated bug: Disconnections

Disconnections happen when you open multiple game windows but have inadequate bandwidth. Man, allows me to open multiple windows on the same computer with no disconnections. I've lost at least 13 games to disconnections. What they should really do is pause games upon disconnections and resume them on the next logon.