Sex website, Scam, and game ads at

May 16, 2009, 10:10 AM |

At I see many ads I consider inappropriate for a chess website.

1.Game ads (Poxnora, AdventureQuest, Family Feud etc.)

These are often violently pictured and inappropriate, as well as robbing of it's revenue by diverting basic members (more than half of's member population) to foreign game servers and making them miss out buying Premium Memberships. Even car ads would be better than these.

2.Scam ads (Ones which claim you've won something or have a new message).

I am irked by the many ads that are scams. I often see them, trying to mimic a popup window (which in Windows 7 won't work since they don't know Windows 7's window style) and saying that I've won a free prize (Which in the fine print often turns out to be not free at all). Some even say I am the 999,999th visitor to (Fat Chance! never had that many users). Also many claim that I have a new message in my inbox. These I suspect are trying to phish me into giving them my user name and password.

3.Sex Website ads ( etc.)

These are the worst type of inappropriate ads, which often seem to prey on minor Basic members by trying to divert them into starting something sexual and inappropriate.

4.All inappropriate ads in general:

They should be removed. Many just waste my bandwith. Many even circumvent's no-pop-ups policy and are very annoying. I block most of them with my ad filter but there is no filter on the library computers I use often. ARGGG!