Ch. 2

Mar 5, 2010, 6:18 PM |

CH.2 the 1st attack


"Sir, Wolfgang, I see a whole army of tigers charging for us, what should I do??" "sound the alarm, and alert the captain." "Yes sir!"      '5 min. later'      "Sir, what should we do, they are getting closer, do u want me to set out the... wild... wolves??" "Yes, that is pretty much the only thing we can do; also, alert" (cut off) "you don't mean..." "yes, I do, the evil wolves." "I have heard they were attacked by the tigers also, so if we can get them to help, we could win." "Yes sir, I will call them."      '10 min. later'    "sir, the evil wolves, or humans, as they call themselves, are here." "So I heard you are being attacked by the tigers huh??" "actually, yes." "Well it would make me sick to help you, but we are in a battle with them RIGHT NOW!!!!!" "OK, lets go."         '1 hr. later'         "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE" I heard, our enemies falling hard, as were our allies. as we made a new strategy, I heard Wolfgang finally say, "THATS IT, I AM TURNING AGAINST MY PACK NOW." and then winks at me, then I knew that this was his plan. he charged at me hard, striking me down, as so it looked like. as I fell to the ground, knowing his plan, I winked back at Wolfgang, and got taken away to be evilafied. (turned evil.).