ch. 5

Mar 8, 2010, 2:26 PM |

ch. 5 the dream

I carried Wolfgang into the building, only to find more tigers there, searching the building, Wolfgang started to wake up, and he ran 4 safety, so I thought, while I was 2 become face to face with 5 more tigers. They all confronted me, 1 grabbing me on the leg, 1 on the arm, others helped them. they pulled me in different directions, I thought I would be ripped limb from limb, but then, wolfgang, along with 15 more wolves hit the tigers hard, and I passed out.

I found myself in front of all of the tigers, and wolves, wolfgang in front of all. he said this, "u have been a disgrace 2 us wolves, therefor, I sentence u 2 death. Wolfgang gave them a sign and the tigers stepped towards me, I turned and ran, a HUGE wall rose up, a dead the main tiger stapped forward, he jumped at me, biting my neck, then right as he stuck his claw up, I woke up in a small room.