CH. 6

Mar 20, 2010, 5:26 PM |

ch.6 Aneko


once I woke up, I heard a crash, I opened the door, only to c tigers running for me, I slammed the door, locked it, and looked around. I opened the window, only to remember that I was on the 2nd floor. I landed RIGHT on a tiger. I stood up, and realized who I killed. I have killed... the weapon... or so, they called him. he was one of their best fighters, and I killed him. I looked over and saw my girl friend, Aneko. I was the only boy human in the pack, while she was the only girl human in the pack, and she was beautiful.   she was fighting a wolf, and was pinned down. charging at the tiger, the tiger stuck its claw up. hardly missing it, I jerked down, tackling the wolf, then told Aneko, "go to the secret hideout, the pack is being bombarded, and I will meat u there, and plz hurry.

later, I met with her, with 10 other wolves, 1 being wolfgang. I told wolfgang who I killed, the weapon, and he stood there in shock. then, "IT" happened. we heard a HUGE explosion. I said, "I will go check it out." I peeked out of the hideout, only to find the pack on fire. I told everyone this, and we all jumped up, and went into action.

later, I saw 2 wolves charging at me. being pinned down, I heard a battle cry. I saw Aneko fighting those wolves, putting them to death. she held me by the head, and dragged me to wolfgang, who put me in SERIOUS medical care. I told Aneko, " if u need ANYTHING, ANYTHING, just ask, and thank u for saving my life."