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Mar 7, 2010, 5:56 PM 1


the invation


there I was, tied up 2 the pole, ready 2 turn into 1 of them, but right as they started up the machine, it had an error. I managed 2 escape while fixing it. on my way back 2 camp, I hear a noise coming from behind me, it was Wolfgang, attacking me. He swiped his claw at me and said, "sorry old pal, but for the good of the pack, the evil must die." I told him , "I am not evil, their machine broke and I escaped." "yeah right!" he murmered. Clashing in my skin, (I was the only human in the pack, remember.) he used all his force 2 hurt me bad. I tried 2 escape but it was just 2 much, I passed out.

about 5 min. l8er, I had ewaken, to find Wolfgang laying there next 2 me, with a tiger right on him, wolfgang's eyes wide open, I leaped on the tiger's back, causing it 2 trip, wolfgang, hitting me STILL, decided 2 trust me finally, as I knocked the tiger down and let wolfgang kill it. limping back 2 the pack, with scars, mostly from Wolfgang, I was 2 injured 2 fight, but when our city's walls went crashing down, tigers invading our pack, I knew, that I had 2 fight.

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