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here is a recap of the chapters, enjoy and plz comment. :)



ch.1 becoming the wolf protector.

When I, the wolf protector 1st joined, I was just a meaningless wolf, but the leader of the pack, Wolfgang, turned me into a human and casted me away from the pack, coming back to ask 4 forgiveness, he couldn't turn me back into a wolf, therefore, being the only human in the pack, I became, the wolf protector. Ever since I became the wolf protector, I have saved the pack, almost dying in a lot of battles, heres 1 where I escaped dying HARDLY because of my best friend Wolfgang.



CH.2 the 1st attack

"Sir, Wolfgang, I see a whole army of tigers charging for us, what should I do??" "sound the alarm, and alert the captain." "Yes sir!"      '5 min. later'      "Sir, what should we do, they are getting closer, do u want me to set out the... wild... wolves??" "Yes, that is pretty much the only thing we can do; also, alert" (cut off) "you don't mean..." "yes, I do, the evil wolves." "I have heard they were attacked by the tigers also, so if we can get them to help, we could win." "Yes sir, I will call them."      '10 min. later'    "sir, the evil wolves, or humans, as they call themselves, are here." "So I heard you are being attacked by the tigers huh??" "actually, yes." "Well it would make me sick to help you, but we are in a battle with them RIGHT NOW!!!!!" "OK, lets go."         '1 hr. later'         "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE" I heard, our enemies falling hard, as were our allies. as we made a new strategy, I heard Wolfgang finally say, "THATS IT, I AM TURNING AGAINST MY PACK NOW." and then winks at me, then I knew that this was his plan. he charged at me hard, striking me down, as so it looked like. as I fell to the ground, knowing his plan, I winked back at Wolfgang, and got taken away to be evilafied. (turned evil.).



 CH.3 the invation

there I was, tied up 2 the pole, ready 2 turn into 1 of them, but right as they started up the machine, it had an error. I managed 2 escape while fixing it. on my way back 2 camp, I hear a noise coming from behind me, it was Wolfgang, attacking me. He swiped his claw at me and said, "sorry old pal, but for the good of the pack, the evil must die." I told him , "I am not evil, their machine broke and I escaped." "yeah right!" he murmered. Clashing in my skin, (I was the only human in the pack, remember.) he used all his force 2 hurt me bad. I tried 2 escape but it was just 2 much, I passed out.

about 5 min. l8er, I had ewaken, to find Wolfgang laying there next 2 me, with a tiger right on him, wolfgang's eyes wide open, I leaped on the tiger's back, causing it 2 trip, wolfgang, hitting me STILL, decided 2 trust me finally, as I knocked the tiger down and let wolfgang kill it. limping back 2 the pack, with scars, mostly from Wolfgang, I was 2 injured 2 fight, but when our city's walls went crashing down, tigers invading our pack, I knew, that I had 2 fight.


ch.4 the special strike

wolfgang and I was roaming around, then, we saw our friend,  Alue, was on the ground being killed by a tiger, and when we decided 2 help him, 4 more tigers joined the attack. as soon as he died, I knew we were probabably next. 1 of the tigers looked over at me and recognized me, and all 5 started 2 come 4 me, and I realized wolfgang was running. 5 more wolvescaused him 2 back up, back 2 back wit me. 10 wolves surrounding me and wolfgang.wolfgang started to hack, like crazy!!!!! I didn't know wat was going on, but right as the tigers approached me and him, AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I heard from wolfgang, and all the 10 tigers fell dead!!!!! wolfgang fell down also, using 2 much power, Him being the leader of the pack, I needed 2 get him 2 safety be4 we were both dead.