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The Wottinger Blog.

The Wottinger Blog.

Sep 16, 2011, 5:05 PM 0

The Tale of the English Novice..My opening games.

After five defeats on the bounce I at last record that oh so important first victory and I could swear my penis has grown half an inch or so since,I`ll be dining out on that one for the remainder of this month (cod & crunchy chips).Flakor was my first victim (Greece) as I went onto record that crucial first win & believe me after five maulings,(four of which came whilst playing white) I needed it & boy did i need it,just what I ordered from the doctor,although it arrived a little latter than what i would have liked- I then went on another losing streak,twice losing to the affable GingyCat (A friendly Yank who did his best to put me off,posing me of beat questions mid flow & telling me he his son had just arrived home) A lay down in a darkened room & a mug of English tea then saw me bounce back to record my second victory & even more surprisingly this time playing black.

10 standard blitz matches & only two wins,nothing to crow about I hear you cry,but I have victories,I have proved I can win chess matches & if i can win twice I can win a third time,so here`s to it...now,what to do with that extra half an inch!

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The Wottinger.

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