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Empty Moments

Empty Moments

Nov 25, 2010, 4:54 PM 3
I have moments, as we all do. I made this image within one of those moments. Occasionally it'll waft in and put a chill in my spirit, but overall I'm getting along. It's honest to say that even though at times we are not always expressing ourselves or have recovered from painful episodes, the memories can erupt unexpectedly in a Madeleine Moment from the scent of stranger or a barely perceptible melody from the ear-buds of a passer-by. 

I was playing with my wedding band after washing my hands at the office and it was loose fitting because that happens on colder days - my finger'll shrink and the ring doesn't. I got to thinking about the symbolism of cir
cles and about how the whole void inside tends to be glossed over with the concentration always on the continuity. And the cold day, the cold metal... wrote down the passage, crumbled up the paper for the effect of 'discarded refuse' and splashed a little water to imitate tears bleeding the script. Carefully placing the ring to put the word inside inside - I scanned the mini still-life, as it were.

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