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Kasparov: Writch is Wrong

Kasparov: Writch is Wrong

Jan 24, 2011, 1:47 PM 1

When I was posting a reply to another News Post in my Life Is Like Chess group, I used the adjective Sisyphean to describe my challenges in finding enough time to do something. So I went to Wiktionary.com to check the spelling.

And low-and-behold, wouldn't you know that the example they pulled was from no other than Gary Kasparov and from a work entitled "How Life Imitates Chess"

"You can't overestimate the importance of psychology in chess, and as much as some players try to downplay it, I believe that winning requires a constant and strong psychology not just at the board but in every aspect of your life...It begins with intense preparation, which requires that you motivate yourself to work long, grueling, lonely hours. It often feels like a Sisyphean task, since you know that perhaps only ten percent of your analysis will ever see the light of day."(p. 145, Chapter 12, "The Inner Game", emphasis mine)

Now, even though the title of my news post here implies he and I disagree, that is because I am just riffing off the title of his book. But as for this quote, we two are in absolute, utter agreement.

And honestly? I think it proves my point - that lessons from the simpler chess can be applied to more complex Life.

Join the group and discuss over there if you feel so impelled.

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