1/8/2011 - Dayly notes

Jan 7, 2011, 10:05 PM |


     Sit in the classroom...arouded by sunshines...a comfortable atmosphere for working...have a complicated mind is cool...play just for fun...never own an ambitious heart...or the pains will be brought to yourself.


     Have spent two hours on reading Natalia' s articles who is favourite for all over the world.......her success proves again that beauty and intelligence can concentrate on one body. The first proving made by my little guy FAN.


     Solve puzzles everyday believe her saying "an hour tactics a day keeps patzer away. "it has become a way for me running out energy.therefore just two hours could make me so tied.so what.....


     Write book....need your supports.


     Sit in this winter's sunshines at afternoon I suddenly remembered the Japanese composer . His piano music proceeds like water flown in deep heart, sometimes quietly sometimes unquietly. His "Piano story"is so moved i'v listened more than once. Each piano piece composed behind has a particular story ......


     Black swan, even a film could make me no sleep all the night. I couldn't breath i felt cold i forgot what i were to do. When i scaned music list in my mp3 i noticed the surprising piano name "lost sheep in the bed" which i used to recognize" lost sleep in the bed". I doubt if it would change tomorrow........