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Lone Star Open 2015

Lone Star Open 2015

Mar 26, 2015, 4:28 PM 1
I have been actively studying chess for 10 months now. I mostly practice with tactics problems, and I have yet to study openings. My 960 (P22) rating was probably the result of poor performance in quick G30 games. I had only played 2 longer games at G75, but they were against 1600+ players, and I was still newish. I will definitely play in higher sections moving forward. 
First night of the 3-day schedule, I receive a bye in Round 1 and was sad to miss out on a game. The TDs arranged an extra rated game against another bye-player, Neal. We both played conservatively, and he blundered to a tactical pin.
Day 2, Round 2, I played Sasa. He had an electronic notation device, and I was a little jealous. I'm still slow to take notation and usually make an error along the way. I had some attacking chances early on, and was able to take his f-pawn early, which created critical weakness. It was even in the end game, but I leveraged a pin to win a piece and eventually the game.
Day 2, Round 3, I played Lloyd. It was a long game, and I had an awesome bishop controlling the center. 4 hours later, I won.
Day 3, Round, I played David. Probably the most interesting game as white was incredibly aggressive, employing sharp tactics, and sacrificing pieces to attack. After the dust settled, I was easily winning. 
Day 3, Round 5 against Albert. We are the only players with 4.0. He mounts a dangerous attack, which I barely stop. I respond with a quick counterattack and trap his queen. I easily, but carefully, win soon after. 
Winning 1st place was very rewarding and encouraging after several months of poor performance. I am definitely re-energized to study and improve my game!

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