The Scotch Gambit...

Feb 23, 2009, 9:26 PM |
0 a one of the more interesting gambits I have seen and I the first gambit I am going to write on. The basic structure is show is the chess diagram named "Basic Structure".

One of the main reasons I like this gambit, is that it sets white up for a very easy checkmate, providing that your opponent follows the your guiding (Diagram "Checkmate"). Alright... So I know that checkmate is really lucky if you get it. But still! You have to admit that it does set you up for a pretty cool game if you lead your opponent.

The Scotch Gambit was used by:

  • G.Espina - A.Valdes Cuba corr, 1996
  • E.Sveshnikov-V. Kupreichik, Hastings 1984
  • Evgeny Sveshnikov - Arshak Petrosian Soviet Union, 1974
  • And many more!

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