An OTB horrible blunder...

An OTB horrible blunder...

Apr 15, 2016, 1:19 AM |

I'm going to listen to achja's advise and I will try to keep this Chess Blog updated or at least, I will try to post all my OTB games which so far are kind of horrendous... 

This game was my second participation in "regional team's league" and I faced a 1553 player. It was played one month ago and it gave me nightmares for two or three nights after it finished... Let's start:

I developed my Colle System, finishing the opening stage without problems and, after some blunders that both us did not notice, my opponent losses his knight.

Funnily, here I started to get nervous , the over excitement of winning my first OTB game made me had to stand up from my chair and walk few times.

By move 30, the rest of the games from the Team Match already finished, so almost everybody sorrounded our table... I did realised that I don't like to be observed from behind when I'm playing.

I guess everybody was expecting me to make a nice finish but instead I got so stubborn in controlling the 7th rank that I ignored my opponent's threats on my king's side a bit too much... so I blundered my knight and had to resign straigh away because the checkmate was inminent .

Stockfish pissed me even more when he showed me how easily I could win by only forcing the trade of Queens...

In any case, I hope I've learned someting for the next time and, as one of my team's mate advised me after the game, "once you are a piece up: exchange, exchange and exchange until the end. Easy win"  I guess that statement misses some nuances but well... at that moment it seems it would have worked.

Here's the game, you can laugh at it as much as you want: