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Chess Oldies Books

Chess Oldies Books

Nov 3, 2016, 12:29 PM 1

Last week I had a really good surpise when I found these three books in a antique book shop I used to stop-by. The price was around 3€ each so I took them all, even if I already had the Averbakh's Chess Endings. Anyway, the one I had some pages were already falling apart, so it kind of worth the exchange.

I took the risk of abandon them or giving them away after a week because all of them were in descriptive notation but, far from being an annoyance I found it quite funny. Actually it took me just half an hour to get used to it.

Also, I kind of got hooked on Reinfeld's book. The title sounds like an easy commercial bait but the book is full of amazing miniatures. Here's a couple of examples:

- Black mistake: Black grabs too many pawns and loses priceless time.

- White refutation: Relying on his superior development, White sacrifices piece after piece for a brilliant mate.



- Black mistake: Black opens up the game prematurely.

- White refutation: Realizing that Black's King is fatally exposed to attack, White thrusts powerfully at the center and then hits out at the weak spot King Bishop.


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