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Rook vs Bishop. The Right and the Wrong corner.

Rook vs Bishop. The Right and the Wrong corner.

Apr 17, 2016, 12:21 AM 3

I really enjoy studying with this book "100 Endgames you must know" by Jesus de la Villa. I haven't finished the first chapter "Basic endings" yet (as I'm trying to repeat and memorize every endgame as much as I can) but I already feel like I have learnt a lot .

My endgame knowledge was mainly based on my poor intuition and one old DVD of Susan Polgar. So this concept about the Right and the Wrong corner in Bishop vs Rook endgames sounded kind of new and amazing to me.

Basically, the wrong corner is the one with the same colour as the squares on which the bishop moves. If we are the player with the Bishop and our King is pushed to this edge, we will be in troubles. The other corner is easier to defend, so going there straigh away is a good strategy.

Here are two puzzles with the examples from De la Villa:





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