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Simul game against IM Lukas Klima

Simul game against IM Lukas Klima

Apr 15, 2016, 2:51 PM 3

Yesterday I attended to a simultaneous exhibition organised by IM Lukas Klima. The event is meant to advertise an International Chess Festival which is held in Ostrava every year on May, as the (few) players who win their simul games get the right to enter to the Open Tournament for free.

Well... I didn't win that right

I dowloaded a pgn with more than 600 games of IM Klima and I wrongly assumed he was going to play 1.e4. To my surprise he played 1.c4 and I realised that I almost never faced this first move, so I didn't really know how to answer properly. I tried to transpose to the Nimzo Indian Defense but I ended up losing lot of tempo and finally blundering.

Here's the game:


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