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The Passed Pawn

The Passed Pawn

Apr 19, 2016, 7:40 AM 3

We have to ask ourselves: when is a passed pawn ready to march? We differentiate three cases:

(c) When the advance takes place with the intention of sacrificng the pawn, so the enemy King may be decisively drawn off from the field of battle. An example would be the following:

Here the h-pawn is to be offered as a sacrifice, is to die for King and country. It only remains to decide how and, especially, where. Since the effect of the sacrifice as a diversion varies directly with the distance between the bait to be sacrificed and the enemy King, it would not be advantageous to let the h-pawn advance, for this distance would become smaller. The right course is to play the King at once over to the other wing.
Completely bad on the other hand would be 1.h4?? Not content with sacrificing him, he actually serves him up on a platter! This I would call exaggerated politeness.
 After 1.Kf4! his Black Majesty may console himself with the fact that his walk from h4 to h2 has given him an appetite, so that the h-pawn becomes a pleasant meal after the fatigues of the tour, but this is all the consolation he will get. The student must take this to heart, that though the sacrifice to divert the enemy King is willingly made, it must occur under circunstances which will cause the maximum loss of time to the enemy.
I quoted all of this from chapter 4 of My System by Aron Nimzowitsch because I just played game which brought it back to my head. Also, I have to say that I love Nimzowitsch writting style .
Here's my game:

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