Better health day 3

Dec 30, 2010, 11:12 AM |

Ok. It's day three of me getting healthy to not only get healthy but to play better. Like an idiot I got up this morning, ate breakfast and didn't bother to test my blood sugar or inject insulin. I did however do all that about 3 hours after the fact. I guess better late than never. Now 8 hours after I ate and 5 hours after I injected insulin my blood sugar (bgl) is 149. Normal after a meal should be around 120. So I'm a little elevated. I have Diabetic Neuropathy  from poorly controled Diabetes in my feet, hand and lips. I have considerable pain in my feet and tingling and burning in my hands and lips. I'm blogging about all of this to prove or disprove for myself that if I can control my diabetes my chess will get better. There are other factors that i have to add inorder to prove all of this. Such as I have clinical depression, Fibromyalgia, ADD, and a whole laundry list of other problems.

So today didn't start off great but it's getting better. I checked my rating and it's 904. Not great but better than it usually is for me. I'm in the process of begging my wife to let me subscribe to the Diamond Subscription. Why Diamond? Well Diamond has the Chess Mentor and when I had temp Diamond Subscriptions I really liked Chess Mentor and there is nothing better out there for chess lessons especially if you run the Ubuntu Linux operating system like I do.

I hope to make this a running blog so that people can see the progress or lack there of that I make not only in chess but in my health.

Happy New Year everyone.