Day 15

Jan 10, 2011, 9:47 PM |

I decided no matter how crappy I feel I need to study. I've been working with the tactic trainer but started thinking how on can I take what I'm learning and intergrate it to my game. I think it would be obvious but I can't get it into my head how to look and see what is happening on the board. I feel a little overwhelmed looking at the board.

I recieved an email from a chess coach a few days ago. We've traded a few emails since. He is willing to coach me. I'm seriously thinking about taking him up on his offer. I've fallen inlove with this game and would like to gain as much knowledge as I can to be a much better player. I think I'm going to email him now with my skype address and get started when it's convienent for him. Wish me luck.