Grrr. I hate bifocals.

Jan 12, 2012, 6:08 PM |

I can't believe how exhausted I'm feeling. When I'm downstairs I want to sleep and when I'm in bed I can't relax and sleep and when I do sleep it's only for an hour or two even when I take my Ambien. I go through this quite a bit. It's so frustrating.

I started watching the second video what every person should know or what ever it's called. I had to shut if off half way through. Not because it was boring me I was just falling asleep.

I just changed my glasses out. I'm now wearing my old pair that doesn't have bifocal lenses. I'm feeling so much better. I hate those damn bifocals. I'm seriously thinking about throwing the damn things away.

I hope tomorrow I'll be able to sit down and study.