red tape

Apr 28, 2011, 9:15 AM |

I'm talking to my wife about a paid subscription again. I miss playing. We may have to wait on a paid subscription because I've been in and out of the hospital this week with heart related trouble. I had my aortic valve replaced with a mechanical valve back in October of '09 and for some reason I'm having some trouble. We're trying to control things with medication. My medical team is trying to fast track me to have gastric bypass surgery but medicare is fighting us. I'm gaining 20 pounds of fluid a night and have to take diuretics during the day to get rid of the fluid that I gained during the night. It's a vicious cycle. I'm watching what I eat and am trying to make sure my blood sugar is good. Medicare said I'm looking at a year before gastric bypass surgery. I hate the government and their damn red tape.

Chess helps me to relax if I don't have too many games going on at once. I'm going to limit myself to two games at a time and make sure the ratings are closer to mine.