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Pawny dreams Return

Pawny dreams Return

Jun 11, 2013, 4:47 AM 1

Shall we continue our story of the pawn aspiring to the kingdom(for those who hadn't the chance to read it, here is the link to Pawny Dream) , well, some bad news did happen, the king has been informed of some traitor under his people, anyway, he was a shy king who couldn't even step outside the castle without being exposed to attacks, he wasn't going to do nothing, but the queen, the evil queen took seriously the threat and command the subordante on rocks to look efficialy for him. When they finally find him, she send him a corrupted bishop, to make him understand that he has to let it down for the sake of the church, that the actual kingdom is stability, preventing any harm, the pawn calmed down for about 3 days.

After that, the queen discovers that the pawn is going to continue his consipration against the kingdom, she commands people to immediatly go under their horses to the pawn home, and kill everyone in the house, they burn the house, parents, wife, children and unlucky visitors who came to see mister pawn all died, but the knights missed something, the pawn wasn't there.

And so the story of the endlessly seeker of revenge began, the pawn is now famous and well known as Max Pawn.

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