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Ping Pawn

Ping Pawn

Jun 13, 2013, 4:53 AM 1

Hi my friends,

Here i come to tell you another side story, our hero is once again none but a Pawn, the queen was complaining about the softness of her skin, the king was pissed off everytime the queen begins complaining, his bishops told him about a miraculous product available in the hand of outsiders, he thought about it and called the pawn, he gave him order to go and look after the product.

When the pawn attempted to leave the castle, a knights over their horses asked for the leave permit paper, the pawn had none, they redirected him to go and see the rooks, the kingdom's paper officers, he went to the R rook(R) asking for the paper, R told him that he needs a paper from his brother in law, L rook to make it happen, the pawn went to see L, L asked him back if he has a certain paper which can only be given be R ... The pawn kept in a come and go process until he gave up, he was given as sacrifice after that.
Anyway my friend, our concern here, was to explain and give the true real origin of the game Ping-Pong, that's it, Ping Pawn.

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