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Intellectual I.Q. and not embarrassed

Dec 2, 2011, 6:30 PM 0

Dear ladies and gentlemen. Some of us never know how many of us will end up with Neurological conditions and their are in fact too many of them. A thought on the neuropsychological medical model. Lets start with this one. Dr. Holzmacher claimed I now have a average intellectual I.Q. and a superior visual skills I.Q.. The base unrated in chess is 1200. For comparison as men and women are in fact medical different. A Top Female Grand Master by the name of Natalie Pogonina in the chess community is at 2448. Congratualtions! Granted I have never wanted to become a grand master and I haven't played in years. I have been playng for a week in the unrated and working from ten minutes too three minutes. The game itself is visual in tracking an apponents moves. Yet, I cannot track the other opponents moves. I just lost in 31 moves to a rated 1011 in a 3 minute match. My rating is now 768?

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