offline for a bit

Mar 25, 2008, 3:26 PM |

i'm sorry for all that's been playing me, but i've decided to rest a bit from chess.  ^_^  I really want to do well on the government and stats AP exam thingys so i'm probably going to be doing a whole lot of studying.  I'll still play people at the club meetings, but if anyone finds that tedious, please notify me and i'll resign the game.  ^_______^' 

i'm really sorry for being an inconvenience (sp?) but i'll admit that my health has been.... a bit...  well let's just say it's really weird.  I'll get lots of rest so you don't have to worry!  i'll get better in no time!!!  ^_______^  but please don't think i'm leaving or quitting.... i'm always on gmail so if you guys want, you could just play mental chess with me!!!  ^_________^  it'll be really really fun!!!!  like you can email me and say if you're playing as black or white and then we start the game like this (using an example):

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bc4 and yadda yadda

^_____^'  i'm really sorry!!!  >//////<  but please don't lose faith in me!!!  i will still try my extra hardest to play the best i can once i get back and i'll be practicing a lot during 11th period  (lol XD  you're going down ge ge!!!)  Thank you for reading this!!! 

Oh and sorry mr. aymanm!!!  >///////<  i'm really really sorry!!!

Have a good day!!!  ^______^ 

P.S. I'll be checking back sometime to check out everyone's games and read some articles too.  lol XD  hope you all play well!!! (unless you're like me and ge ge, lol XD.  i can't play well on the comp at all!  but screw it!!!  i'm getting there!!  ^______^)