My Best Win

Mar 19, 2010, 10:17 AM |
It's about time I start my own chess blog and start sharing a few of my games. None of them are fantastic or even ones that much can be learned from, but I'd like to start getting into analysis and annotations.
Here I present my "best win" by statistical standards, that is, the highest-rated player who I defeated. It was in my early days as a novice (as distinct from my current days as a novice) and the opponent is now ranked several hundred greater than me. It really isn't a fantastic game; I played an opening I knew nothing about and continued to play with little positional or tactical knowledge. I just so happened to yeild a 7th rank battery, one of very few memes that I was familiar with at the time.
Comments are welcome, as I'm sure I made a few mistakes. I don't currently know how to add alternative lines, which works out well for this bland game, but I'd appreciate any analysis passersby might contribute.