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Why I love chess: combinations (part 1)

Why I love chess: combinations (part 1)

Jul 3, 2015, 7:23 AM 0

When a chess player makes a combination, he feels like an artist who creates a masterpiece or like a magician who does something impossible. From the very beginning I tried to develop my playing style into aggressive way – always go forward and create sharp positions. I got acquainted with chess at the age when people start loving this game. I am really happy about the opportunity to analyze games of Andersen and Morphy in my childhood. They developed my tactical vision and when I came to chess club few years later, I improved my playing strength very quickly. I regularly played blitz against my higher rated friend and tried to create a combination in every game. Of course, I lost almost all of them, but one time I found one beautiful idea:

I also remember queen sacrifice in blitz game against chess engine.

When I started to play chess against adult opponents in 2012, my playing style was characterized by aspiration to create background for sacrifice. Here is my first win against 2000+ rated player.

I grew up and gave up that playing habit. But I have seen tactical way to win technically winning games. This sacrifice gave me a win in rated tournament ahead two Candidate Masters.

In next game I used calculation skill to sacrifice my rook against Candidate Master.

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