Who names obscure openings?

Nov 29, 2011, 7:50 AM |

Today's chess.com "Opening of the day" is the Ware Defense: Snaglepuss Defense (A40).


This is pretty obscure. There are no games in the chess.com database. The Ware defense / Cornstalk defense is obscure enough (1.e4 a5). Do we really need anything more? But that's not my point, which is to ask how it gets this name given it's not played?

Who names these?

Is this amusement for the chess.com staff? Maybe instead of pension benefits, you get to name your own opening?  I mean, what's retirement savings compared to the immortality of having an opening named after you? Laughing

Even 365chess has only one game with these opening moves, although it gets labeled "cornstalk opening" without furthere qualification.


Naranjo Moreno (2275) vs. Andrades Marques

Event: Malaga ESP 2009 · Corn stalk defence (B00) · 1-0