Another Win!

Feb 27, 2012, 8:27 PM |

The 15th Tournament started a long time ago.  It was about a year ago.  I had recently joined and wanted to try a couple tournaments.  I joined the 15th Tournament and was very pleased to have won Round 1 allowing me to continue in Round 2.  This Past week was interesting, I was in 2nd place with 2 games left to finish.  Both games were against the person in 1st position.  I needed to win both games against this great opponent to advance.  I am proud to announce I won BOTH games!  I am the winner of Round 2 and anxiously await the beginning of Round 3.  Coincidentally I had also joined a themed Blackmar Diemer Gambit Tournament at the same time almost a year ago.  I have also advanced to Round 3 in that tournament as well!  My rating is now 1744.  In the last year my game has improved greatly, and I give credit to watching a chess youtube video every weekday while I wait in line to pick up my boys from school.  iPads are great!  Being stuck in a car for 45 minutes waiting to pick up your kids everyday can be boring...but now I use that time to learn!  Also, I switched my reading from specific books about tactics, openings, concepts, etc... to simply Annotated Games.  Annotated games cover all phases, all concepts, strategies, tactics, etc.  With a good author I recommend be willing to take the time to play through the "variations" on a board (easy on the iPad), and learn from the brilliancies you find from the Masters as well as (and even more importantly) their mistakes from their biggest defeats.  Besides, it's really fun learning from games played in the 1600's and 1800's.


Recently Read "Sacking the Citadel".  AMAZING!  One of my favorite books.


Zac Wilson