Checkmate Flashcards: Boden's Mate

Jul 15, 2011, 10:10 AM |

Much of our study time is focused on how to destroy the Kingside Castled position, but what do we do if our opponent refuses to cooperate and castles Queenside?  It is important to know Boden's Mate as it will surprise many Queenside Castle players.  Naturally if you are a player who likes to castle Queenside you should study this one as not to fall victim to its attack.

This attack is similar to the Two Bishops Mate in our endgame study:














I am using Black attacking White instead of the traditional White attacks Black not only because it's nice to be different, but because I feel that White castles Queenside more frequently with lines in the Samisch King's Indian, the Sicilian, etc.  Arrogant White players beware!  Black has a nasty attack coming your way!

Typically in a game it won't be your King aiding the assault but rather two of Whites pieces or a pawn and a piece blocking the King's escape route, for instance:















In the following example from a game in 1869 Boden did one of my favorite things: Sacrificed his Queen to create the position necessary for achieving mate!  I love mates that don't use the Queen thus allowing her to be used like a grenade to open the position:




Keep an eye out for an opportunity to use Boden's Mate the next time your opponent castles Queenside!